August 16, 2018 – Falcon Hill

August 15, 2018

7 minute Abs


Q: Goldstar

PAX: Stamp, bear, firedrill, Elroy, Captain Planet, cobra, johnny5, tails

Warm Up

2 Lap Mosey around the Track

Mosey to shelter

SSH – 40

Squats – 30

Merkins – 20

Burpees – 10

Tha Thang

Good Morning Abby

Starting position laying on your back, sit upright at the same time bending your legs and planting your feet then stand upright not using hands for support. Lower back down to a sitting position and extend legs while laying back down to complete one round. Originally called prisoner get ups but we like good morning Abby better.

Bruce Lee’s x2

x20 Flutter Kicks (per leg)

x20 Leg Raises

x20 American Hammers (each side)

x20 Dying Cockroach (each side)

x20 Freddy Mercury

x20 LBC’s

Plankorama x2

Hydraulics IC


Shoulder taps IC

Pickle Pointers IC


Aka Little Baby Flutter Crunch. On your 6, feet do flutter kick while upper body does crunch. Ignore number of times your legs move, only count crunches x20 oyo

James Bonds

On your 6 in seated row position (leaning back with legs about 10 inches off the ground) hold your hands in front of you like your holding a gun. Hold for 10 count and then slowly point your finger gun to the right for 10 count. Swing finger gun all the way to the left for 10 count and then back to the middle for hold as long as you want.

Hurricane Hoedown

Flutter kick circuit performed in cadence: 7 IC Seated Flutter Kicks with hands raised in Hallelujahs. Move immediately to hands behind you. 7 IC slightly reclined flutterkicks. Move immediately to 7 IC normal flutter kicks. Move immediately to 7 IC LBC Flutter kicks. Rinse and repeat as needed. The real crowd pleaser is to work your way down the cadence ladder 7,6,5…

Captain Thor

An ab exercise done in a 1:4 ratio. 1 big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers (Russian Twist). Try to get 10:40 before Merlot comes.

2 final laps around track


James 1:12 – perseverance



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