July 21, 2018

Saturday July 21st Q
DeHaviland; Delco Park
Ruckership 6:00am to 7:00am.
Stamp, Heater, Wilson, Floater covered 3 miles.

7:00am start.
Q: Stamp
PAX: Tails, Heater, Fire Drill, Popcorn, Wilson, Johnny 5, Cubscout, Orville, BoneDaddy, Faucet, Wilson, Cobra, Zebra, The Dude, Floater.

Opening admin
Mosey to pavilion.

Round of Bruce Lee’s at the pavilion.
Run to far corner then 40 air squats hold until group is finished. Run to opposite corner then 20 push-ups and hold plank until group finishes. Final run back to pavilion and repeat.
One mile ran, 80 squats, 40 push ups, two rounds of Bruce Lee’s.

Slowsy to field, ended with The Deck.

Slowsy to parking lot. Count o’ rama.
End admin. PR stuff.
End at 8:00.

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