April 14, 2018

F3 Dayton Back Blast

April 14th, 2018

Q: Primus








The Dude (FNG)

Heater (FNG)

Rock Salt (FNG)

Semi Pro (FNG)

Primus (QiC)

As I cruised on 675 towards Dayton, it looked like the rain was going to wait, and the new HIMs at Delco Park we’re going to experience a proper F3 Cincinnati beatdown! Bone Daddy was putting up the shovel flag as I finally pulled up, and before I knew it, 10 PAX (4 FNGs) were all staring at me: ready to start. Here’s what we did…

Mosey to Dock House…

COP (each x 10-20)

Moroccan Night Clubs

Side Straddle Hops

Imperial Walkers




Mosey to bottom of hill…

*I explained that I wanted to use some pretty basic exercises/routines in my Q today—in the hopes that I could help prepare future Q’s with some tools for their belt (so to speak).

Dora 1-2-3

Partner A runs to designated point while partner B performs exercise. When A returns they switch, sharing total # of reps.

100 Merkins

200 LBC

300 Squats

Mosey to Shovel Flag…

Hulk Hogan Meets Mary

As PAX completes a round (or two) of Mary(ab exercises) one HIM picks up and body slams a punching bag (aka Hulk Hogan). He then returns and gets back into Mary cadence, the next HIM takes his place… until all have slammed Hulk Hogan.

*PAX got some practice with calling exercises and cadence as I did a sort of Dealer’s Choice with Mary while one guy slammed Hulk (who, unfortunately, has mortally ripped apart due to a life of being thrown and dragged around 😪)

Mosey to soccer field…

Tunnel of Love

Group makes arch by holding Downward Dog side-by-side. One member army-crawls through then joins/extends arch. Next HIM gets through… repeat until across soccer field (short-ways). Make it a race!

*Several gents got seriously winded here, and I called an Omaha to shorten the Tunnel

Partner Hop

Partner A holds plank. Partner B hops over then drops down, holds plank. A gets up, hops over B. Repeat until back across soccer field.

Partner Carry across field. Switch and repeat.

*Mental Note: always chose Popcorn for this activity, as he is the G.O.A.T. We ended up lapping folks!

Mosey to soccer net…

Spartan Sprints x 3

All line up and sprint to the other side of the soccer field AYG (with all you got). Walk back and repeat.

(this was a kids-sized field, mind you).

During the workout I was able to breach a couple topics: my F3 story, “Picking up the Six,” “Modify as Necessary,” & Back Blasts.

During the Circle of Trust we got to know and named our new FNGs. Tails announced a Monday workout. Then Bone Daddy took us out with a prayer.

*And coffee-teria was awesome!

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