Date: 9/22/2020

AO: Falcon Hill

Q: Cobra

Pax: Crockett, Swing State

Time: 0530

Warmup: 20 SSH, these guys, bad boys, 20x windmills IC, butterfly, pretzel

1 min full plank
30s elbow plank
10x T-merkins IC
1 min wall sit
30s right side plank
30s left side plank
20x flutter kicks IC
20x scissor kicks IC
400m run
50x pickle pointer IC
30x pickle pounder
15x Crunchy frogs IC
1 min Superman
1 min banana
Bambams (plank position, 1x merkin, 1x jump to crouch, 2x merkin, 2x crouch, etc., up to 5)
Bat wings

Countorama: 3




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