25 January, 2022 17:32

Backblast: The Post
Date: Tuesday, 1/25/22
AO: #ao-falconhill
PAX: @Fence Post
FNGs: 0
Q: @Meatball
Total: 2

Conditions: Vanilla 🥶

Warmup: Stretch like you were in the car all day

Thang: Walked outskirts of track trying not to die. Myriad of stretching, squats, lunges, and a plethora of 2nd F. No burpees were found. We looked…really hard.

Cool down: NOT NEEDED – things were already cooled down


Mumblechatter: civil war updates, holding onto bars whilst completing merkins on icy sidewalks is a good

Busboy School Day Routine

Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2022
AO: #ao-smartpark
PAX: @Cornelius @Ditka @SkyWalker @Busboy
FNGs: 0
Q: @Meatball
Total: 5
Conditions: 30’s & Mingling
– Do your thing whilst I talk about our Thang

The Thang:
– [ ] Woke up late- 100 LBC’s
– [ ] Jump out of bed- 25 Burpees
– [ ] Run to bathroom- Mosey to bathroom
– [ ] Jump over the dog- 50 Jump Squats
– [ ] Brush my teeth- 50 SSH
– [ ] Forgot to dress- Mosey to Bedroom
– [ ] Jump over baby sister- 50 Jump Squats
– [ ] Fly down the stairs- Mosey around stairs. * Cornelius had us bear crawl up/down stairs **Coach only made us so Bernie Sanders
– [ ] Check the Freezer/Fridge- 25 Burpees
– [ ] Pack my Lunch- 50 Captain Thors
– [ ] Missed the Bus- Mosey back Home
– 100 Merkin Ring
– 25 Additional Burpees

Mumblechatter: Not much as we were gassed most of the workout. Some lungs may have been expelled during a few portions.
Announcements: @Busboy thanks us for picking on him.

1-7-22 Below Zero Ruck!

Backblast! Ruck it, it’s cold!
Date: Friday, January 7, 2022.
AO: #ao-smartpark
PAX: @Ditka @Cornelius @Who’s There @Magnolia @Packer @KiddiePool
FNGs: 0
Q: @Meatball
Total: 7
Conditions: 9* F (-4* w/wind chill)
Warm up: Stay in the car until start

The Thang:
– Ruck 2 miles with alternating carry of 35# bag

Mumble Chatter- To cold to remember; report of man 5’10” – 6’, blue jacket, running near Orange Theory with his hands in his pants