Ants on a Log

Date: 08/10/21

AO: Smart park

Pax: Cornelius, Swobbles, Ditka, SkyWalker, Jazz Hands! (Q)

Conditions: 73 and moist

Warmups: 10 Potato Pickers, 10 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Mountain Climbers, 10 Burpees

The Thang:

1. Mosey Indian style to Kroger hill

2. Roll ant infested logs and flip tire up the hill x4

3. Mosey Indian style back to base

4. 5 minutes of Burpees

Outstanding efforts by all PAX!

What’s better ….ant bites or hives?

Runaway tires can cause serious problems




Meatdown Monday of the Millennium

Date: Monday August 9th, 2021

AO: SmartPark

PAX: Kiddie Pool, Swobbles, Ditka, Wiggles, & Cornelius

Q: Meatball

Thang: Millennium Workout- pax completed 100 reps of 10 exercises, peer lead in a rotating fashion
– Shoulder Taps
– Block Lifts
– Squats
– LBC’s
– Leg Lifts
– Imperial Walkers
– Catalina Wine Mixers
– Circle of Burpees
– Block Curls (90)
– Man Makers (10)

Mumblechatter: Skinned elbow’s and merlot wishes; Ditka broke a sweat

Two Qs for the price of one!!

AO: De Havilland

Date: 08-07-2021

Time: 0700

Pax: Crockett, Ditka, Faucet, Jazz Hands, Johnny 5, Swobbles

Q: Jiffy & Wilson (Two Qs for the price of one!!)

Q Minute: Foundation Points – Disruption – Language – Group: Team/Lizard

This week’s topic – LDP (Leadership Development Process: The process employed to develop new leaders includes Schooling, Apprenticeship, Opportunity, Failure

Mission: To Plant, Grow and Serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of community leadership.

Core Principles: Free – Open to all men – Held Outdoors, rain or dry, hot or cold – Peer led – Ends in COT

By participating in an F3 workout, an individual assumes the risks inherent in doing so. The things we do are dirty, dangerous, and difficult.

Warm up exercises X 20 reps


J: Imperial Walkers

W: Pickin’ Taters

J: Squats

The Thang: The Thang: Juarez Valley 10

Point A (along a curb): 10 reps of exercise 1;

Move to Point B (opposite curb); 1 rep of exercise 2;

Move back to Point A and decrease reps by 1;

Move back to Point B and increase reps by 1;

Rinse/Repeat until rep counts are reversed (1 and 10).

When returning to Point A; everyone Planks Up until the 6 (last person) arrives. This keeps us together.

In a “pure” JV, designed in a prison cell, moving from A to B is simply walking, about 8 feet. We have a bit more room and can mix up the movement: Bear Crawls, Monkey Walks, High Knees, Sprint, Crab Walk, or simply walking.

Round 1

Shoulder Taps/American Hammer

Karaoke run there, Bear Crawl back

Round 2

Merkins/Calf Raises

Bear Crawl there, Karaoke run back

Round 3

Diamond Merkins/LBCs

High Skip there/Jog backwards back

Round 4 (Modify to 1 and 5 reps)

Squats/Flutter Kicks

Choose how you want to move from A to B and back

COT – a moment of silence





First Friday Ruck

Date 8/6/2021
AO: Smart Park
Conditions: 62 F, fabulous
PAX: Swobbles, Packer, Brocephis, Sucker Punch, Ditka, Rabbit Trail, Skywalker, Who’s There, Cornelius (q)

Warm up: …. pick up your ruck

The Thang:
While wearing rucks, finished up placing barriers for Austin Landing. Foreman Cornelius was happy with the work completed.

Rucked for the last 20 mins with 10 free burpees for each man.


Mumble chatter:
Rabbit Trail’s last Q (Prime Time) still has men talking.
We found Cornelius’ hiding spot for his bunny outfit.
We all want to give medical advise to 9-volt.

Thursday Barricade and Beatdown 8/5/21

Thursday Barricade and Beatdown 8/5/21

AO: Smart Park

PAX: Who’s There, Skywalker, Wiggles, Cornelius, Brocephus, Meatball, Sucker punch (q)

Conditions: Perfecto

The Thang:
Move barricades to help out our friends at Austin Landing.
Circle of pain: each Pax picks an excercise and the group performs 20 reps.
Freddie Mercuries
Big boy sit-ups
Zombie crunches
Shoulder taps
Calf raises
And many more…….

Pushing the coupons

Date: 8/5/2021
AO: Falcon Hill
Conditions: 290.4 kelvins, beautiful
Pax: Goldstar, Ditka (q)

Warm up: arms on your own

The Thang:
Throw the coupon over a 23 meter distance. At the end of the 23 m, 10 merkins every time. -use right arm
-use left arm
– use both arms
-squat with coupon, throw with right
-squat with coupon, throw with left
-squat with coupon, both arms
-murder bunnies
-merkin then right arm
-merkin then left arm
-merkin then both arms
-kettle swing

Close out with 10 burpees


Mumble chatter:
What is the best recovery food? Real Coke and a Snickers?


Date: 8/3/2021 AO: Smart Park
Conditions: 57 F, breezy
PAX: Cornelius, Whose There, Sucker Punch, Ditka (q)

Warm up: SSH, Windmills, imperial walkers

The Thang:
Run from one end of Smart Park stopping at each of the three light post to perform 5 reps of each exercise. Return by running back and stopping again at each of the three light posts to do the 5 reps.
Exercises- squats, merkins, LBC, burpees, gas pumps.
Ended with 5 ceremonial burpees.

Mumble chatter- Sucker Punch committed to his VQ on August 23rd.
Cornelius was able to successfully complete 5 burpees BACKWARDS! We are collecting money to send him to Tokyo for the olympics.

-Video, photo, COT

Oh my legs

Date: 8/2/2021
AO: Smart Park Conditions: 55 F, cool
Pax: Wiggles, Cornelius, Rabbit Trail, KiddiePool, Packer, Ditka (q)

Warm up: SSH, Windmills, imperial walkers, 200m run

The Thang:
-The Motivator (new exercise)
-Roxanne by the Police (merkins and leg thrust)
-10 flutter kicks, 10 Superman, 6 sets
-Bear crawl 15m then complete 20 reps of exercise. (Merkins, squats, LBC, heels to heaven, big boy sit ups)
-Forward lunge 15m, backwards lunges 15m, 4 sets
-Wall squat Indian run, 75m
-100 burpees as a team in the last 2 mins


Mumble chatter- McDreamy had to leave early for a driving test or something. Good luck!