Super Ultimate Extreme Frisbee 3000XL500!!! 8-19-21

Super Ultimate Extreme Frisbee 3000XL500!!! 8-19-21

AO: Smart Park

Conditions: Overcast Sprinkles

PAX: Armstrong, Skywalker, Sucker Punch, Swobbles, Meatball, Cornelius (q)

Warm Up: Tater pickers, Imperial walkers

The Thang:

Super Ultimate Extreme Frisbee 3000XL500!!!
Play ultimate frisbee. When the frisbee hits the ground, the last person to touch it picks an exercise: all PAX do 5 reps. Continue for 45min and all PAX are wet with the dew of exertion.


Sandbag Hand-Offs

Kept it simple this morning. 45 minutes of running and carrying sandbags.

DATE: 8/19/2021
AO: Falcon Hill
TIMEX: 0530-0615
WEATHER: 71° and soupy
Q: Crockett
PAX: Fence Post, Cobra


Some simple stretching followed by 20 SSH IC to get the blood moving a little.

The Thang

Do laps around the track. Two PAX start with 60# sandbags. If you have a sandbag, walk. If not, run until you reach a PAX with a sandbag, then take it from him. Do this for ~40 minutes.

End with Crockett Special: BatWings IC x20


Carrying heavy things is a fundamental part of life; far more so than pushing things. The Delta Coof seems to be hitting closer to home for many of us. Fence Post and YHC may still have sand in our shoes from Saturday. Not sure.


7 of Diamonds Beatdown

AO: Smart ParkDate: 8/18/21
Time: 5:30am
Q: Sucker Punch
PAX: Swobbles, Cornelius, Packer, Sucker Punch

Warm Up: Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Windmills

The Thang: 7 of Diamonds
Run to Each of the 4 corners and complete the exercise. After each lap, move to next movement.
7x Burpees
14x Big Boy Situps
21x Squats
28x Side Straddle Hops
21x American Hammers
14x Merkins
7x Lunges

Smart Part 1 Year Anniversary!

AO: Smart Park
Date: 08.17.21
Time: 0530
Q: Swobbles
Pax: Floater, Jazz Hands, Wiggles, Cornelius, Who’s There, Skywalker The thang: Smart Park 1 Year Anniversary

PAX gathered at Smart Park to celebrate the 1 year anniversary. Floater and Swobbles planted the flag together a year ago when it became official.

PAX warmed up with 50 SSH by Floater.

Then we took a mosey over to Waldruhe Park just outside of the AO. We initially looked at hosting the AO there and worked out there once to test it out. For today, we did some exercises there to honor the humble beginning. In the parking lot, PAX performed the following: Crab Leg Toe Touches x 1 OYO
Run to the other side
Merkin x 1 OYO
Run back
Pick up the six after each round
Move to round two
Repeat previous x 2 OYO and so on up to 10.

Mosey to the hill back at Smart Park.
Same setup as previous exercises in the parking lot, but this time using the bottom and top of the hill. Exercises: Burpees & Rotating Jump Squats.

We did not finish the sets at either location due to time, but gave our all 💪🏼.

Mosey back to the parking garage deck.

Mumblechatter: Cornelius desperately wants a port-a-potty at smart park.

Tour de Smart Park

Tour de Park
AO: Smart Park
Date: 8/16/21
Time: 0530
Q: KiddiePool
Pax: Swobbles, Brocephus, Wiggles, Rabbit Trail, Skywalker

Arms / Shoulders
Quads / Calves
20 windmills
20 SSH

The thang:
20 merkins
20 lunges
20 squats
15 high knees
20 merkins
20 lunges
20 squats
15 high knees
15 LBC
15 Freddie Mercury
15 leg lifts
20 low steps
20 merkins
20 lunges
20 squats
15 high knees
15 high steps
10 decline merkins
20 lunges
20 squats
15 high knees
15 LBC
15 Freddie Mercury
15 leg lifts
20 merkins
20 lunges
20 squats
15 high knees
15 high steps
Bear crawl
Walking lunges
25 burpees


Top Gun & Sugar Cookies!

Time to play in the sand! It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating. And it gets everywhere… oh hi, Skywalker!

  • DATE: 08/14/2021
  • TIMEX: 0700-0800
  • AO: Dehavilland
  • WEATHER: 69°F and Nice
  • Q: Crockett
  • PAX: Skywalker, Jiffy, Ditka, Fence Post, Wilson, Flip-flop, Swobbles


  • Plank up for a minute of Q Source w/Wilson
  • Tater Pickers IC x10
  • Windmills IC x10
  • SSH IC x10
  • Mosey to the volleyball courts (two volunteers carry 60# sandbags)

The Thang

PAX line up along the court (in the sand). Pax take turns farmer carrying both sandbags across two courts and back. PAX AMRAP the exercise anytime they’re not carrying the bags.

  • ROUND 1: Merkins
  • ROUND 2: LBCs
  • ROUND 3: Hummingbirds
  • ROUND 4: Squats
  • ROUND 5: Flutterkicks
  • ROUND 6: Calf Raises
  • Mosey back to Flag (two new volunteers to carry the sandbags back)
  • Crockett Special: BatWings IC x20


Ditka needs butt support when he does Squats. Some Pax get jealous if you hold the heavy things longer than them. The goose residue is in full effect at Delco Park. T-Claps to Flip-flop! He represented 2.0s in a big way today. He’s not in the picture because he was splashing Welch’s (not old enough for merlot yet), but he definitely held his own and made it to the finish line. He exemplified the no-quit HIM attitude this morning and we couldn’t be prouder.


Friday Ruck

AO: Smart Park
Date: 08.13.21
Time: 0530
Q: Swobbles
Pax: Ditka, Cornelius, Brocephus, Skywalker, Meatball, Jazz Hands The thang: Friday Ruck

Rucked around smart park. Plenty of good conversations! Finished up with 10 navy seal burpees in cadence to get the blood flowing!

Deck of F3 8-11-21

Deck of F3 8-11-21

AO: Smart Park

PAX: Skywalker, Cornelius (q), Brocephus, Ditka
Conditions: Hot

Warm up:
Tater Pickers
Imperial walkers

The Thang:
Using the F3 exercise deck, Pax take turns drawing a card, perform the exercise on the card x2 face value. Each PAX calls cadence for the card they drew. Face cards were worth 20 reps.

150 yards Karaoke
20 Diamond Merkins
12 Wide Arm Merkins
90 seconds high plank
100 SSH
20 Monkey Humpers
14 LBC
100 Calf Raises
20 Shoulder taps
16 Merkins
20 Curb dips
4 Bulgarian Split Squats Each Leg
12 Jumping Lunges
8 Heels to Heaven
14 Monkey Humpers
100 Flutter Kicks
20 Merkins
10 Standing Lunges
10 Oblique Crunches
20 Rosalitas
8 Carolina Dry Docks
75 Yard Sprint
20 4 Count MT Climbers
18 High Knees
20 American Hammers
75 Yard Backwards run
20 Incline Merkins
20 Decline Merkins

King of the Hill

Date: 08-12-2021

AO: Falcon Hill

Time: 0530

PAX: Swobbles, Burt Macklin FBI, Crockett, Zulu, Frank the Tank, Jiffy(q)


  1. Stretch Arms

  2. Stretch Legs

  3. Side Straddle Hops in Cadence x10

  4. Imperial Walkers in Cadence x10

  5. LBC in Cadence x10

  6. Flutter Kicks in Cadence x10

  7. Merkins in Cadence x10

Mozey over and get Blocks as a group – mozey over to hill

THE THANG: King of the Hill

Point A (bottom of the hill): 10 reps of Block Squats;

Harambe up the Hill with block to Point B (top of the hill); 1 rep of Burpees;

Move back to Point A and decrease reps by 1;

Move back to Point B and increase reps by 1;

Rinse/Repeat until rep counts are reversed (1 and 10).

Count off | Video | COT | Picture

Mumble Chatter

  • Jiffy only screwed up counting twice. Wait, no, it was only once. Well, I guess now it’s twice.

Double Quarter Pounder with Fries

Date: 8/11/21

AO: Smart Park

PAX: Skywalker, McDreamy, Packer, Ditka, Swobbles, Cornelius, Rabbit Trail, Brocephus

Q: Wiggles

Warp Up: Stretch OYO

Double Quarter Pounder

– Sprint 25 yards

– 25 merkins

– Run backwards to start

– Sprint 50 yards

– 50 Jump Squats

– Run backwards to start

– Sprint 75 yards

– 75 Mountain Climbs (4 count)

– Run backwards to start

– Spring 100 yards

– 100 LBCs

– Run backwards to start

– Carry Coupon 25 yards

– 25 Overhead Press

– Walk back to start

– Carry Coupon 50 yards

– 50 Curls for the Girls

– Walk back to start

– Carry Coupon 75 yards

– 75 rows

– Walk back to start

– Carry Coupon 100 yards

– 100 second plank on coupon

– Walk back to start

With Fries

– (10) 4x4s

o Plank to (4) merkins to (4) mountain climbers, 4 count to standing position

Video, COT, Picture