Date: 6/30/21

AO: Smart Park

Pax: Skywalker, Cornelius, Packer, Rabbit Trail, Meatball, Ditka, Swobbles, 9-Volt, Jazz Hands, Wiggles (Q)

Warm Up: Stretch OYO

The Thang:

(1) Leg Lift run to the end of the parking lot then (20) Jump Squats

Continue running back and forth until you get to (20) Leg lifts and (1) Jump Squat

Modified half-way through to only run half the parking lot in between each exercise


Ruck w/ Pearls on a String

AO: Smart Park

Date: 6.29.21

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles

Pax: Ditka, McDreamy, Cornelius, Skywalker, Armstrong

Warm up:

SSH x 10 IC

Tater pickers x 10 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

Jog in place, perform burpee on the call x 10

Ruck around smart park and stopped 6 total times. Alternated exercises every other stop:

⁃ Ruck Merkins x 10 IC / Ruck Squats x 10 IC

⁃ Ruck row x 20 IC / Ruck Press x 20 IC


The Great Pit of Carkoon

Date: 6/26/2021, 0700
AO: DeHavilland
Conditions: 75 F, slight wind
PAX:Swobbles, Zebra, Fence Post, Wilson, Armstrong, Skywalker, Jazz Hands, Ditka (Q). FNG: Paul, David, Ben

SSH, Windmills, Imperial Walkers

The Thang:
At the sand pit 6 stations of 2 man teams. Each team must complete the following in 5 mins. -100 Merkins
-100 sit-ups while hold ball
-100 block swings
-100 overhead press with scuba tank
-100 squats

And then…..
Everyone did 110 flutter kicks, 4 count in cadence, round robin.

And then…
Relay race. 50 meter run, plank, then 50 meter bear crawl.

And then…..
3 minutes of burpees


Welcome- Spicoli (Paul), Jiffy (David), Flip Flop (Ben)

The Hungry Bear

Date: 6/25/21

AO: Smart park

Pax: Clinger, Rabbit Trail, Packer, Ditka, Jazz Hands! (Q)

Conditions: a perfect 71

Warmups: Stretch what hurts

The Thang:

  1. Quick Mosey to grassy field
  2. Circle the flag
  3. Bear Crawl Ring of Fire
  4. Growing Pains
  5. Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds
  6. 100 Merkins just for fun
  7. Mosey Back to base
  8. 3 minutes of burpees for a PAX avg of 26

Outstanding efforts by all PAX

Packer went full Clark Kent on us for the Superman

The burpees were brutal




Coupon Round Robin and Suicide 6

There was a massive full moon hanging in the gloom this morning and we passed the time doing some cinderblock exercises with a little bit of running sprinkled in.

DATE: 06/24/2021
TIME: 0530
AO: Falcon Hill
WEATHER: 57°F and clear skies
Q: Crockett
PAX: SkyWalker, Ditka, Goldstar, Swobbles


  • SSH IC x20
  • Cotton-Potato-Chzzzff… [crockett.exe has stopped working]
  • Windmills IC x20
  • 3 burpee penalty for a late arrival
  • Mosey to the cinderblocks ~150y

The Thang

Coupon Round Robin: PAX stand in a circle with their coupons. One HIM at a time did 20 reps of an active exercise while the others did a static exercise w/coupon. All PAX count the reps. Continue until the full circle has completed the active exercise.

  • ROUND 1: Active: Block Press – Static: Rifle Carry
  • ROUND 2: Active: Block Curls – Static: Hold This
  • Suicide 6 a full lap around the football field ~.25 miles
  • ROUND 3: Active: Squats – Static: Al Gore
  • ROUND 4: Active: Block Swings – Static: Calf Stand on Coupon
  • Put coupons away
  • Suicide 6 a lap and a half to get back to the flag
  • BatWings IC x10
  • AO Challenge: Burpees 3-minute AMRAP (29 avg)


The moon looked huge, Calvin challenged Ditka again via YHC, “spooky coupons”, giving blood, and the importance of squeezing glutes (yours and your friends’?)


7 of Diamonds

Date: 6/23/21
AO: Smart Park
Pax: Swobbles, Wilson, who’s there, packer, Rabbit Trail, Cornelius, Ditka, Wiggles (Q)Warm up:
Stretch OYOThe Thang:Round 1
7, 4count mountain climbers in each corner of parking lotRound 2
14, Big boy sit ups in each cornerRound 3
21 MerkinsRound 4
28 squatsRound 5
21 LBCsRound 6
14 jump squatsRound 7
7 leg liftssAlways running to each corner around parking lot. So 4 sets each during round.Finished with 3 minutes of burpees. 26.625 averageCOT

High speed, low drag

Date: 6/22/21, 0530 AO: Smart Park
Conditions: cool 57F, 273 Calvin
PAX: Cornelius, Swobbles, Rabbit Trail, Jazz Hands, Sky Walker, Ditka (Q)

The Thang
-ruck, fast
-3 minute burpees, 33 average
-ruck faster
-Round robin 10 count, PAX choice. On the menu we’re merkins, SSH, squats, crab toe touch, LBC, ahhh yes…Jazz Hands loves those monkey humpers!
-ruck back to the AO, faster

6 men starting the day off at a high speed!

Falcon Hill PokéRuck

  • DATE: 06/22/2021
  • TIME:0530
  • AO: Falcon Hill
  • Q: Crockett
  • PAX: (same)
  • WEATHER: 55°F and clear skys

How does this HIM stay motivated when he posts solo? Easy! He straps on a ruck, grabs some pokéballs, and starts covering distance!

  • RUCK WEIGHT: 30#
  • DISTANCE: ~2.25 miles

Game time! 6/21/21

Game time!

Date: 6/21/21

AO: Smart Park

PAX: Wiggles, Ditka, Swobbles, Goldstar, Kiddie Pool, Cornelius (q)

Conditions: humid 74 wind

The Thang:

Warm up:
15 SSH

The Thang:

Part 1: Ultimate frisbee. 5 of an excercises if the frisbee falls. Last pax to touch the Frisbee chooses the exercise.

Part 2: Tag. Pax play tag by moving any way other that walking or running. If you get tagged you chose how the group moves.

Finish with 3 minutes of burpees.