Memorial Day Beatdown 5/31/21

Date: 5/31/21

AO: Smart Park

PAX: Swobbles, Ditka, Jazz hands, Packer, Tex, Kiddie pool, Who’s there, Crockett, Meatball, Armstrong, Fence post, Court Martial, Cornelius (q)

Conditions: High 40s

Warm up:
20 ssh
20 windmills

The thang:
100 burpees
50 squats
25 merkins
1 mile run
100 burpees
50 squats
25 Merkins

Video remembering fallen soldiers
Breakfast at Casa de Cornelius
5 pots of coffee gone

Suicide hill 5/29/21

Date: 5/29/21

AO: Dehavilland

PAX: D-ten (welcome!), Swine Climber (welcome!), Swobbles, Crockett, Wilson, Fence post, Armstrong, Tails, Meatball, Cornelius (q)

Conditions: High 40s, Windy

Warm up:
20 ssh
20 merkins
20 flutter kicks

The Thang:
Skip to the hill.

Suicides up the hill in three rounds

1st round
Run the suicides do 5 jump squats every time you cross a cone. (105 jump squats all together.

10 late burpees

2nd round
Run suicides on the ups. Bear crawl the downs. 5 sit ups at each cone (105 total)

3rd round
Run suicides. 5 merkins at each cone (105) total.

Mosey back

2 minutes amrap burpees

Name o rama

Wheelbarrow of Monkeys

Date: 5/28/21

AO: Smart park

Pax: Cornelius, Who’s there?, Packer, Ditka, Clinger, Jazz Hands! (Q)

Conditions: 65 with splashing puddles

Focus Point: Legacy is constructed through the HIM’s development of Virtuous Leaders

Psalm 145:4

One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.

Warmups: stretch what hurts

The Thang:

Wheelbarrows one length switch and return x2

Brickbarrows half-length switch and return x2

50 Monkey Crunches

70 Howling Monkeys in a ring of fire

Random Bear crawls

3 laps

30 SSH in cadence

Ditka earned the flag with the best grunts




Frisbee Football

 Q: Frank the tank

PAX: Burt Macklin FBI, Zulu, Crocket, Fence Post, Pavarotti

Stretch/Warmup: couple min. SOYO, SSH en cadence, mosey around the track

Workout: Frisbee football with exercises performed any time the frisbee hit the ground or a team scored. Exercises included merkins, burpees, squats, hand claps, cherry pickers, and toe touches. In total 115 merkins were completed.


Need for Speed

Date: 5/27/2021 Time: 0530 sharp
AO: Smart Park
Conditions: Foggy and creepy at 62F
PAX: Cornelius, Whose There, Armstrong, Ditka (Q)

No warm up….just GO

The Thang:
Ruck, ruck fast as a team

In 45 minutes we covered 2.54 miles. Can you beat that?!??

Mumble chatter-
-Planning a 3 mile run later today
-Five Guys opens at 0600 to start preparing potatoes
-Pizza should not have olives….ever.

Circle of Trust

Coupon fun 5/26/21

Date: 5/26/21

AO: Smart Park

PAX: Swobbles, Ditka, Jazz hands, Packer, Cornelius (q)

Conditions: 65 humid

Warm up:Walk to Kroger hill

The Thang:
10 over hand throws of the coupon
10 under hand throws of the coupon
30 sit ups
10 wood choppers
Continue for approximately 100 yards
Murder bunny back to the start

30 abyss merkins
10 blockies
5 Bulgarian split squats per leg
20 wood choppers
5 coupon snatches each hand
5 coupon swings each hand

Walk back to Smart park


Deck on the deck 5/24/21

Date: 5/24/21

AO: Smart Park

PAX: Swobbles, Ditka, Wiggles, Who’s there, kiddie pool, Packer, Cornelius

Conditions: 65 humid

The Thang:
Using the official f3 beatdown deck of cards and traditional deck, each pax takes a turn drawing an exercise card and then a card from the traditional deck to determine the number. All pax then perform the prescribed exercise and numbers.

As the deck had it we did lots of lunges, squats merkins sprints, rosalitas, WWII sit ups……….


Hill yeah 5/19/21

Date: 5/19/21

AO: Smart Park

PAX: Swobbles, Corneius, Didka, FNG (Dean!), Packer (q)

Conditions: 65 and clear with a fine looking sunrise

Warm-up + Preview = 5x merkins, big-boy situps, burpees, squats & bear crawl

The Thang:

Jog over to KayRoger Hill

Run up, then down hill. Stop half-way up and half-way down to do 20 merkins. Repeat with situ-ups & burpees. Bearcrawl up and down with 20 merkins at the 1/2 point. Inchworm up and down with merkins at each inch.

Mosey back to the sundeck.

Mumblechatter: Cornelius will be installing a port-o-potty at the hill.
several PAX were unrecognizable due to hive breakouts caused by long grass at the hill.