Heart racing beatdown

Date: 4/30/2021
Time: 0530
AO: Smart Park
Conditions: 48F and slight breeze
PAX: Cornelius, Jazz Hands, Swobbles, Ditka (Q)

Warm up- SSH, potato pickers, arm leg stretch

The Thang:
PAX heart rate* determined reps of exercise. Heart rate obtained by most non-qualified HIM we could afford. Merkins-94
Step ups-131
Block press-130**

Final diagnosis: Each HIM received a clean bill of health and need to continue their F3 regiment. Recommend two EH per month for best results.

*Because of federal HIPPA regulations, PAX identifying heart rates are not available

**Reps counted in a rotating accumulated fashion due to time.


25 x 25

Date: 4/29/2021
Time: 5:30 pm
AO: North Park, Springboro
Conditions: 61 F cloudy, moist ground
PAX: Armstrong, Ditka (Q)

Warm up- potato pickers, SSH, stretch out those limbs

The Thang:
25 reps at the flag, run 125m to outdoor stage, complete another 25 reps. Start next exercises… -Squats
-Flutter kicks
-Shoulder taps
-Imperial Walkers
-Freddie Mercurys

Video, Photo, COT
This was the last scheduled beatdown at North Park in the evening. Thanks to all the F3 men who came out and supported this month long event. See you in the gloom.

NFL Draft Workout

AO: Smart Park
Date: 04.28.21
Time: 0530
Q: Swobbles
Pax: Who’s There?, Cornelius, Packer, Ditka

NFL Draft Workout
PAX draft picks select exercises
Move across the field (parking garage)
Every 10 yards, perform exercise x the amount of yards.
10 yards = 10 reps
20 yards = 20 reps
30 yards = 30 reps
And so on to 100
Combo of bear crawl and walking lunge between yard markers.

1st pick – LBC x 10 & 60
2nd pick – Squats x 20 & 70
3rd pick – Up/Downs x 30 & 80
4th pick – Merkins x 40 & 90
5th pick – Leg lifts x 50 & 100
Modified the last few yard lines for the sake of time.


AO: Smart Park

Date: 04-27-2021
Time: 0530
Q: Armstrong
PAX: Jazz Hands, Swobbles, Cornelius, Ditka

WARMARAMA: 20 Side Straddle Hops, IC

THE THANG: Ruck to the deep forest just beyond the hilltop.

*Move logs to AO and stash away for use at future CSAUPs.

*Weighted hill-sprints, 2 laps.

*Unweighted sprints around the Smart Park Deck, 2 laps.
(1 mosey-speed, 1 full-speed back to the flag…congratulations Swobbles!)

Count off | NameOrama | COT | Picture

Starting the week off right 4/26/21

Date: 4/26/21

AO: Smart park

Pax:Who’s there?, Jazz hands, Ditka, MeatBall, Wiggles, Cornelius (q)

Conditions: 40s spiffy

Warm up: 25 SSH

The Thang:

2 minute circuits, 30 sec rest in a rotating fashion

Battle ropes


Freddy Mercuries




Run to the other set of stairs and repeat.

Finish with suicide run and ssh




Burpees. Fiesta. Forever. 4/23/21

Date: 4/23/21

AO: Smart park

Pax: Armstrong , Who’s there?, Swobbles, Ditka, Cornelius (q)

Conditions: 35 fiesta like

Warm up: 25 SSH

The Thang:

All exercises performed with “all night long” by Lionel Ritchie blaring on repeat the entire time. FIESTA FOREVER!

Part 1.

1 pax in the fiesta steering and braking. The rest push the fiesta across the smart park lot. Do 10 burpees. Switch drivers and repeat till all pax have driven.

Part 2.

All pax in the fiesta with 1 pushing the car across the smart park lot. Do 10 burpees. Repeat until all have pax have pushed the car.

Part 3.

2 pax Bernie sanders push the car half way across lot. Switch pax. 10 burpees when at the end of the lot. Repeat until all pax have pushed.

Part 4.

Push the fiesta around the lot to the pic spot.





Date: 4/22/2021
Time: 5:30 pm
AO: North Park, Springboro
PAX: Armstrong, Ditka (Q)

The Thang:
Three cones set out at extended intervals.
-Run to the farthest cone and perform 10 reps, return to start position in 90 seconds. -Second cone needs to be completed in 60 seconds
-Closest cone in 30 seconds

Flutter kicks
Leg lifts

Add on-
Roman chair 20 seconds x 3
Sit ups 20 seconds x 3
Pull ups 30 seconds x 3

EH Ruck

AO: Smart Park

Date: 04.22.21

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles

Pax: Meatball, Ditka, Cornelius, Jazz Hands

EH Ruck

Warmup with 10 burpees (without the ruck sack)

Ruck sacks back on

PAX start tucking around the AO

Stop at various points, ask 3 questions to 1 PAX at each stop:

  1. What do you love about F3?
  2. Who is one man you can share it with an EH?
  3. When are you going to ask him?

Perform exercises at each stop

Stop 1 – Ruck Squats x 10 IC, Ruck Merkins x 10 IC, Ruck Clean and Press x 10 OYO

The PAX who answers the questions calls cadence at the stop.