A roll of the wet die 3/31/21

Date: 3/31/21

AO: Smart park

Pax: Ditka, Wiggles, Tails, Fire Drill, Bear, Ketchup (F3 Omaha), Cornelius (q)

Conditions: 50, wet, windy

The Thang:

Part 1- Roll a die to determine exercise and distance

1. alternating burpee broad jumps and Spider-Man push ups for a distance of three parking spaces each the length of smart park lot. End with 9 squats. Mosey back.

2. alternating crab walk and Ape walk for a distance of 1 parking space each the length of smart park lot. Skip back.

3. alternating crabwalk and Bear crawl for a distance 5 parking spaces each the length of smart park lot. End with 18 leg overs. Mosey back.

Part 2- Play tag.

To start everyone can only move with broad jump burpees. The next person who gets tagged picks the mode of movement. We played tag with burpees, Bernie sanders, Bear crawls, ape walk, side straddle hops,skipping, Spider-Man push ups, Bernie sanders hops.

Cool down: Indian run one lap.



AO – Falconhill

Q – Tails

PAX – Bear, Fence post


  • Warmish, Iil wind. Clear morning!


  • Low impact long form stretches. Round of block exercises including presses, rows, curls, triceps presses, and squats! Simple and a great way to start the day!


Quick TAP. Photo. And namerama!

F3 after 5

Date/Time 3/30/2021 – 1730
AO: North Park, Springboro
Conditions: sunny, 73 F

Pax: Wilson, Swobbles, Armstrong, Flipper, Beamer

Warm up: SSH, potato pickers, imperial walkers

The Thang:
-Mountain climbers x 20
-American hammers x 20
-Step ups x 20
-Squats x 20
-Declining Merkins x20
-LBC x20
-Burpees x10
-Bear crawl (Indian run style) 50 meters
-Squats at Amphitheater- 10 squats at each level (6 each way) -Hello Dolly’s x 20
-20 merkins
-10 more burpees
-12 final Merkins

Finished strong with this entire young crew today.
Be ready for Thursday at 1730
North Park in Springboro.

CINDERella workout 3/29

AO- Smart Park
Conditions: 273.3 kelvin, no wind
Date- 3.29.21 @ 0530
PAX: Cornelius, Flipper, Swobbles, KiddiePool, Wiggles, Armstrong, Meatball Q: evil stepbrother Ditka

Warm up with: SSH, potato pickers, windmills.

The things you love to do with blocks:
40 reps, 5 reps counted out by each HIM, in cadence. We figured it out eventually.. -sit ups
-elevated Merkins
-step ups
-block swings
-overhead chest press
-flutter kicks
-clean press

Cool down-16 block burpees
Cool down, cool down…2 Merkins, 2 sit ups x 16

It was a magical beatdown!

BURB Meatdown 3/27/21

Beat Your Best Time MEATDOWNMarch 27th, 2021
AO: Dehaviland
Time: 0700
Weather: Delightful and moist

PAX: FNG Tom, Flipper, Welcome Beamer, Armstrong, Wilson, Ditka, Crockett, Calvin, Faucet, Bear, Fire Drill, Swobbles, Zebra

Q: Meatball

Thang: 90 seconds to complete single exercise on your own. Followed by 60 seconds to complete as many reps as you did for the 90 seconds. Rinse and repeat.

Merican Hammers
Hand Release Merkins
Burpees due to late arrivals x 17

Mumblechatter: Swimming; counting is hard; duck, duck, goose; grass is tasty; the worm



AO – Falconhill

Q – Tails

PAX – Court Marshall, Fence Post, Cobra, Bear, Gold Star, Frank de Tank, Burt Macklin, Zulu


  • WARM! Dry! Couldn’t ask for a nicer morning.


  • Goldstar kicked us off with a few stretches and I finished us up with some arm circles and the such.
  • We took a Mosey to the blocks and brought enough for Bear and Cobra who were inbound.
  • Started things with some intervals of STGCs and 60 second block planks.
  • We then paired up and did Harambe sprints to the first light post and back.
  • Finished up with returning the blocks and some leg push downs.


Quick TAP. Photo. And namerama!

I eat squats for breakfast

AO: Smart Park
Date: 3/25/21
Time: 0530
Wx: 46 and breezy
Q: KiddiePool
Pax: Swobbles, Ditka, Cornelius

Stretch OYO
SSH x20 IC

The thang:
5 min ruck
5 squats
5 min ruck
10 squats
5 min ruck
15 squats
5 min ruck
20 squats
5 min ruck
25 squats
Kroger hill climb
5 min ruck
30 squats
5 min ruck
35 squats