Smart Park 1/25

AO: Smart Park

Conditions: comfortable 34, no wind, wet ground, ice patches

Q: Ditka

PAX: Packer, Cornelius, Funky Stuff, Wiggles, Swobbles

Warm up: Side straddle hops and windmills

The Thang:
-Donkey kicks x 50 each leg
-Hip raises x 50
-Rock/Paper/Scissors, 10 rounds, loser 5 burpee, winner 5 American hammers -Squat position, head/knees/toes game
-3 corners game, collect the most coupons for your team
-medicine ball toss, involved burpees and flutter kicks

-Circle of Trust

Take on the day!

To Cool For School! Meatdown @ Dehaviland 1/23/21

AO: DehavilandReport: 15 & Partly Cloudy with minimal breeze

Q: Meatball
PAX: 0600 EMR included Meatball, Flipper, Wilson, & Cornelius with weight range of 5# to 45.5# for a total milage of 2.54 in under 50 minutes.

Meatdown: To Cool For School! 0700
Principal Meatball started the school day with Warm-a-Rama OYO while waiting the tardy Senior Crockett. Shared the mission, credo, and core principles of F3. Pax will split up among the three classes to learn together and have a quiz afterwards.

PAX: Faucet, Wilson, Flipper, Ditka, Armstrong, Principal Meatball, Senior Crockett, and Physical Education Teacher Mr. Cornelius

Classwork: Principal Meatball reviews the credo, mission, and core principles with Pax while completing their January challenge exercises. Asking questions on how to better understand and incorporate these lessons for F3 and at home.

Senior Crockett had a very special guest, Big Bertha. She entertained each Pax with her dead weight pulls and flips while others completed squats. Overachiever Ditka enjoyed Burpees.

Mr. Cornelius offered Burpees by the dozen and got quality time together in fellowship with the Pax.

Each session was 10 minutes with a mosey in between.

Wilson took the Ruck route solo and we PUTS bringing the COT as we walked back to basecamp.



Friday Ruckday

AO: Smart Park

Date: 01-22-2021
Time: 0530
Q: Armstrong
PAX: Meatball, Phunky Stuff, Cornelius, Packer



  • 10 Lateral Lunge Steps
  • 10 Cossack Squats
  • 10 Big Boy Sit-Ups
  • 10 Flutter Kicks
    (Above are done for 5 sets on day #2 of the CHAD Challenge which some of us will be doing in Feb.)
  • 84 Meter Lunge Walk unweighted (92 Lunges x 3’ = 276’ = 84 Meters)
    (200 Meters on day #2 of CHAD Challenge. 50 Meter weighted at week #4 of CHAD Challenge)
  • 10 BURPEES!


· Divide into 2 teams: Spruck Team and Heavy Team

· Spruck Team wears Rucks and sprints to Waldruhe Park

· Heavy Team carries Rucks plus Sandbags

· Spruck Team turns around when half of the time is remaining and meets the
slower Heavy Team wherever they are.


· Pax may switch teams or continue as they were for return Ruck to Flag

Count off | NameOrama | COT | Picture

80+ BURPEES! Bonus – Stay and Knock-out your daily quota!

Picking up Tails’ six


AO: Falcon Hill

Q: Goldstar

Pax: Frank the Tank, Burt Macklin Fbi, Cobra, Zulu, Cornelius, Ditka

Warm up:

SSH IC x20

Pickin taters IC x20

Windmills IC x20

Mosey to the block shed then mosey to the side of the school building.

At starting light pole, we did 3 exercises. After completion of exercises, we suicide mosied to the 3 light poles.

First set of exercises:

block curls IC x20

Squat thrusters w/ block press OYO x20

Block rows IC x20

Suicide mosey

Second set of exercises:

Blerkins IC x20

Block swings IC x20

Manmakers OYO x20

Suicide mosey

We then returned our blocks and mosied back to our start point.

Closing out with some roasted pig:

Roasted Pig:

20 Flutter Kicks IC

10 Merkins

20 Leg Raises IC

10 Merkins

20 American Hammers IC

10 Merkins

20 Dying Cockroaches IC

10 Merkins

20 Freddy Mercuries IC

10 Merkins

20 LBC’s IC

10 Merkins

20 heels to heaven IC

10 Merkins

20 heel touches IC

20 Merkins






AO – Smart Park

Q – Tails

PAX – Ditka, Kiddy pool, Phunky Stuff, Bear, Packer, Meatball, McDreamy, Armstrong, Cornelius


Air temp 30 degrees. Stronger wind, bringing it down! Cloudy skies though, so at least we had a blankie.


Stretcharama – Some arm circles, bad boys, these guys, and some lower body yoga moves. Approximately 5 min.

Workout – Set timer for 10 burpees every 4 minutes. Did this a total of 10 times for a total of 100 burpees. 15 parking space wind-block-stacking-squat-sprints/bear crawls.

PAX lined up, preformed 1 squat, then marched or ran block to the end of the 15 spaces, then back to space 2, adding 1 squat every spot.

PAX switched to bear crawls to end and back to spot after spot 10.

Extreme physical prowess displayed by McDreamy – hitting the end first, and then going back for more while PUTS.

Bear finished second, and he too went back to get a second helping.

Powerful flesh anchor from MeatBall and Tails, grounding us, and strengthening us with extra reps!

All showed incredible PUTS, and great energy!

Quick namerarama


Quick TAP. Photo.

Ninjas, murder bunnies, crawls, throwing stuff and snow.

DATE: 1/19/2021

AO: Falcon hill

TIME: 0530-0615

Q: Cornelius

PAX: Armstrong, Bear, cobra, Ditka


Warm up: Mosey to get blocks

Round 1:

10 yards army crawl

10 yards spider man push ups

10 yards bear crawl

10 yards side lunges

Run back to the start

Repeat 4x

Round 2 :

Do 10 murder bunnies then 10 Ninja sit-ups for 40 yards only progressing with murder bunnies.

Pick up six

Run back to the beginning

Round 3:

5 under hand block throws

5 over hand block throws

5 burpees

Do this for 40 yards and run back to start





Ditka – December ACE Champion

PAX- Funky Stuff, Packer, FNG Mike, Goldstar, Meatball, Flipper, Armstrong, Wiggles, Cornelius, Ditka, KiddiePool Q- Floater
5 Burpees
20 Windmills IC
5 Burpees
10 Slow-mo Merkins
5 Burpees
10 Slow-no Squats
5 Burpees

Tabata Circuit
3 Rounds (15 total sets)
1 min Work 20 Sec Rest
Suicide between rounds (full, light post,light post)

ACE Tie Breaker
Max Squats 1 min
Max BBSU 1 min
Max Merkins 1 min
Ditka 59 30 41
Meatball 45 22 33

ACE Champion December – Ditka!!



AO – Dehaviland

Q – Tails

PAX – Wilson, Meatball, Ditka, Crocket, Bear, Kiddy P, Zebra, (Bigfoot – Skywalker was there for early ruck)


28 degrees. Wind minimal. Beautiful day.


Stretcharama – some dynamic stream he’s such as arm circles and body twists, along with a few prolonged static stretches. Wilson and Meatball took off for a ruck

Workout started with a slowzey to the Fence for some STGCs (Sky, Thigh, Ground, Claps) we rolled through 2 sets of 25 with a 1 minute Plank in between. Bear showed up at this time and we slowzed again to the hills. Here we split into three teams of two for some Dora.

  • 100 plank ups
  • 200 squats
  • 300 flutter kicks
  • Slowzey down the hills and Bear crawl up.

After this we marched back to the flag where Crocket led us in some Batwing and we finished with a leg lift circle of pain.


Quick TAP. Photo. And namerama!