Rainy Dora’s

AO: Falcon Hill

Date: 10.29.20

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles

Pax: Tails, Cobra, Frank the Tank, Zebra


Bad boys, overhead bad boys, quad stretch, leg stretch, SSH x 20 IC

The thang:

On this very raining morning, we took a mosey to blocks and back to parking lot.

Dora 123s – team up for 100 block squats, 200 block curls, 300 block rows. PAX switch off performing exercise and running across the parking lot and back.



F3 Trivia Time!

Just a friendly birthday beatdown with YHC. Questions about F3 and each wrong answer tallied up a penalty burpee to be paid by the group at the end of the beatdown. The parking lot was wet, so we made sure we spent some time on our sixes to dry some of it up.

DATE: 10/28/1983

AO: Smart Park


ENDEX: 0615

Q: Crockett/Swobbles

PAX: KiddiePool, Swobbles, Wiggles, Armstrong, Meatball, Jazz Hands


  • Windmills IC x20


COP with random F3 trivia and knowledge sprinkled in.

  • SSH IC x20
  • Moroccan Nightclubs IC x20
  • American Hammers IC x20
  • Flutterkicks IC x10 (find the wettest spot you can to do them)
  • Merkins OYO x20 (hands in puddles if possible)
  • Squats OTD x20

Wash, rinse, repeat for a total of four rounds, then complete all accrued penalty burpees. Today, that meant 13.


NAME-O-RAMA: We named a new PAX this morning! WELCOME JAZZ HANDS!!!


Falconhill 10-27-2020

AO – Falconhill

Q – Tails

PAX – Cobra


Cold, Dark, no wind! Had rained but not a drip during workout!


Today consisted of a simple block ruck and some curls. Trail run for the “I’m hurt” workouts that will be taking place during regular beat downs.

Kept it super simple. Good conversation time as well!


Quick TAP. Photo. Namearama!

Wreck it Ralph

10/26 Smart Park
PAX – Armstrong, Swobbles, DoD, Wiggles, KiddiePool, Meatball, Packer, Ralph, Cobra, Floater Q – Floater

30 SSH in Cadence
5 Burpees
10 Slow Mo Merkins
5 Burpees
15 Windmills in Cadence
5 Burpees

3 Rounds
10 Man Makers
Bear Crawl to light post 1
15 Merkins
Walking lunge to light post 2
15 Squats
Run back to light post 0
Burpees til 6 is picked up

10 OH Press
OH hold for 1 min
10 Leg Raises with block pressed
Legs at 6” for 1 min
10 Block Squats
Chair pose with block for 1 min
10 Burpees in Cadence

Name FNG Ralph

We all heard a Whisper to get us out of bed this morning

AO: Dehavilland

Date: 10.24.29

Time: 0700

Q: Swobbles

Pax: Whisper, Phone Home, Lawnmower Man, Faucet, Zebra


Bad boys, quad stretch, leg stretch, cobra stretch, SSH x 25 IC

The thang:

Pearls on a string for 10 total stops

Each stop: one Bruce Lee ab exercise x 20 IC + 10 burpees OYO

2 stops had an additional 10 pull ups

Ab exercises: leg lifts, flutter kicks, freddie Mercuries, dying cockroaches, LBCs, American hammers.

100 total burpees by the end!

Welcome back Whisper (And Tucker)!



22 Oct 2020 – Falcon Hill

DATE: 22 Oct 2020
AO: Falcon Hill (Kettering Middle School)
Q: Cobra
PAX: Burt Macklin FBI, Frank the Tank (welcome!)

CONDITIONS: 58F, 95% Humidity

WARM-O-RAMA: hamstring stretch, quad stretch, bad boys, these guys, 20x windmills IC, 20x SSH IC

THE THANG: Blockicides 2: This time it’s personal

  • 50m broad jump, 50m bear crawl to blocks, block up
  • 150m trek to lightpoles (LP)
  • blockicides round 1:
  • LP1: 20x blunges
  • LP2: 20x block situps
  • LP3: 20x mini block dips
  • LP4: 20x blerkins
  • blockicides round 2:
  • LP1: 20x block squats
  • LP2: 20x block flutter kicks
  • LP3: 20x block presses
  • LP4: 20x burpees on the block
  • 150m trek to block resting place (BLRP)
  • Total: > 1.25 mi run w/ block


In honor of the Steelers smacking the Browns…1st and 10

AO: Smart Park
Date: 10/21/20
Time: 5:30am
Q: Wiggles
Pax: DOD, Meatball, Flipper, Swobbles, KiddieP, Jewel, Armstrong

Stretch/warmup OYO

The thang: 1st and 10

Cones spread out 10 yards apart up to 100 yards
10 yard cone: 10 burpees
Sprint 90 yards, 1 Modified San Antonio Shuffle (left leg lunge, right leg lunge, squat, Merkin)
Run to 20 yard cone, 9 burpees
Sprint 80 yards, 2 San Antonio shuffles
Continued this until we got to 1 burpee and 10 San Antonio shuffles. And for fun ran another 100 yards back to the finish.

Count off

10/20/20 Workout

AO: Falcon Hill

Date: 10.20.20

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles

Pax: Cobra


Bad boys, overhead bad boys, morroccan night clubs x 15 IC, quad stretch, leg stretch, SSH x 25 IC

The thang:

Block up

Since it’s 10.20.20, we did reps in this way 10/20/20

⁃ 10 burpees on the block

⁃ 20 block rows IC

⁃ 20 block squats IC

Run lap around parking lot

⁃ 10 burpees on the block

⁃ 20 block presses IC

⁃ 20 block curls IC

Run lap around parking lot

⁃ 10 burpees on the block

⁃ 20 block swings IC

⁃ 20 heel clickers on the block (rd 1), 20 mini flutter kicks on the block (rd 2) IC

Run lap around parking lot

Repeat for a second round of all listed above

Finish with two sets of 20 burpees on the block for 100 total burpees



A Damp Good Time

AO: Smart Park
Date: 10.19.20
Weather: Low 50’s & Rain. Who minds a little rain?
Time: 0530
VQ: Armstrong
Pax: Swobbles, Meatball, Packer, Wiggles, DoD

Warm-a-Rama: 20 reps IC:
Pickin’ Taters | Windmills | Jumpin’ Charlies
Burpees x 5 OYO

The Thang: Alternating Upper Bod & Lower Bod
Mosey 50 yds. w/ Block
Deep Calve Raises on Block…brace against wall x 10 each leg.
Mosey 50 yds. w/ Block
Jog 1 lap around perimeter of garage deck
COP – Circle of Pain:

Coupon on Curb for x 10 Deep Tricep Dips OYO
Sprint to staircase & back
Block Squats x 10 IC
Jog to staircase & back
Incline Block Merkins x 10 IC
Jog to staircase & back
Block Jump Lunges x 10 OYO
Jog to staircase & back
Decline Block Merkins x 10 IC
Mosey 50 yds. w/ Block to staircase
2 Bonus Laps on Stairs. (Great idea Meatball!)
Meet at lower deck for Abs:

Scissors x 10 IC
Bicycles Crunches x 30 IC
Flutter Kicks x 10 IC
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