5 guys – Burpees in the cold with sunshine

AO: Dehaviland
PAX: Nader, Wilson, Faucet, Mama Mia, Crockett
Q: Nader

Warming up (not really)

The Thang:
The burpee challenge, 60 seconds on the clock, progression of burpees from 1-15, each round with 20 toe taps on parking blocks, sprint from one side of lot and back.

Cool down (really)
Dealers choice with lbc’s, Moroccan night clubs, dry docks, side straddle hops, torso twists, imperial walkers, planks, line hopping, and i’m just making up names now…

Don’t miss it next week. Don’t be a sad clown. Peace out!

Garage fun


AO: falcon hill – garage

Q: goldstar

Pax: stamp, Swobbles, Nader, cobra, bidet, crockett

Mosey to parking garage


Pickin taters ICx20

Windmills ICx20

Imperial walkers ICx20

Jump squats x20

Tha thang:

-20 reps of called out exercise at start point then Suicide sprint to pillar one, then back, then to pillar two. At pillar two do 20 reps of called out exercise. Sprint back to beginning and 20 more reps.

Round 1) merkins

Round 2) squats

Round 3) jump squats

Round 4) hand release merkins

Round 5) side straddle hops

Speed round of Bruce Lee’s to close out

Mosey back to flag





Get a grip, DORA!

AO: Falcon Hill

Date: 2/25/2020

Time: 0530

Weather: 40° and soggy but not raining

Q: Crockett

PAX: Stamp, Swobbles, Cobra (hisssss), and Nader


Hanging leggy stretches + a review of F3’s Five Principles

Windmills IC x20

SSH IC x20

Mosey to the blocks

The Thang:

Light Pole DORA, consisting of:

  • 100 Mercans
  • 200 Squats
  • 300 LBCs
  • The PAX not doing the thing picks up two cinder blocks in overhand grips and carries them out and back (light pole to light pole).

Slowsey a lap with blocks to put them back.

Mosey back to the flag

Moroccan Nightclubs IC x50

Cooldown stretches






Falcon Hill – 2.20.20

AO: Falcon Hill

Date: 2.20.20

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles

Pax: Crockett, Stamp, Nader, Goldstar


Bad boys

Arm circles

Quad stretch

Leg stretch

Side straddle hops x 25 IC

The thang:

Run around track, stop at each light pole (4) and perform exercise, increase by 5 each time

⁃ Merkins x 5/10/15/20

⁃ Squats x 5/10/15/20

⁃ Gas pumps x 5/10/15/20

Bruce Lee’s x 20 IC

⁃ Leg Raises

⁃ LBC’s

⁃ Dying Cockroaches

⁃ American Hammers

⁃ Scissor kicks

⁃ Freddy mercuries

⁃ Heel touches

Side straddle hops x 25 IC



Startin’ the week off right.

Date: 02-17-2020
Time: 0530
AO: Higgins
Pax: Goldstar, Cobra, Nader
Q: Wilson

Warm up – 20 X

  • SSH
  • Pickin’ Taters
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Windmills

Mosey the lot

The Thang:

Rotation Station: One Pax goes down and back with

  • 2 X 50 DB Farmer’s Carry
  • 25# Neck Ruck
  • Bear Crawl, Monkey Walk Right/Left – Sprint back

The remain Pax would rotate through:

  • 5# DB Turkish Get Up
  • 25# Medicine Ball American Hammer
  • A Senior Moment Occurs Here….
  • 5# DB Turkish Get Up
  • 25# Medicine Ball Offset Merkins
  • 50# DB Triceps Extension
  • 5# DB Turkish Get Up
  • 25# Medicine Ball Overhead Big Boy Sit Ups
  • 50# DB Goblet Squats


  • Tail Gate Dips
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Jump Squats
  • Inclined Merkins
  • Archer Merkins
  • Lunges

Yep, we started the week off right on Monday. This is Wednesday. The lesson here?

Keep pushing, even when things don’t go exactly right.



Pearls on a Lei

Date: 02-5-2020
Time: 0700
AO: DeHavilland

Pax: Crockett, Zebra
Q: Wilson

It’s 72 degrees this morning.

In Honolulu.

That’s where regular Pax, Faucet, decided to take his Valentine this year. On this 15 degree morning in Dayton, we thought of Luaus to warm our hearts a bit.

Warm up:

20 reps IC:

  • SSH
  • Pickin’ Taters
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Windmills

The Thang: Pearls on a Lei
Short runs interrupted by periodic fits of 10 reps (usually) of exercise:

  • Air Squats
  • Merkins
  • Jump Squats
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Dips
  • Kneed/Toes to Elbows
  • Archer Merkins
  • Imperial Sumos
  • Reversed Merkins
  • Assisted Pistols
  • Inclined Merkins
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Extended Merkins
  • Cossack Squats

Yep. Temp was a mere 15 degrees. But we still worked up a sweat.