Homicidal Psycho Jungle Q?

AO: Dehavilland

Date: 9/28/2019

Time: 0700

Weather: Clear skies and a balmy 69 degrees

Q: Calvin (VQ)

PAX: Crockett, Phone Home, Kool Aid, Wilson, Faucet, Nader, BoneDaddy, Whisper, Carmen San Diego, Mama Mia, Elroy, Swobbles, and an FNG!

The Thang:

– 9 merkins OYO
– Mosey to the pond
-Dora of 200 squats, 100 merkins
-Mosey around the pond, down the hill, up the hill backward, and back around the pond.
– 20 merkins OYO
– 30 Morrocan Nightclubs IC
– 40 (K)alvins IC
– 9 Cottonpickers IC
– Mosey up the hill
– Go down the slide
– Playground obstacle course
– 20 pull-ups OYO
– Mosey to the flag
– 20 flosses IC

Coffeeteria at Bob Evans

Muscle Up Crew – DeHavilland, Special Edition

Date: 9/26/2019
Time: 1845
AO: DeHavilland
Pax: Kool-aid, Elroy, Wilson
Q: Rosey

About a month ago, Rosey and YHC (Wilson) got together for a little extra workout on the pull bar doing a bunch of progressions working toward a Muscle Up. We had so much fun, we convinced Elroy and Kool-aid to join us! Congrats to both Rosey and Elroy for making it to the top position.



Falcon Hill – 9.26.19

AO: Falcon Hill

Date: 9.26.19

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles


Side straddle hops x 20 in cadence

High knees x 20 in cadence

Merkins x 20/plank jacks x 15/mountain climbers x 10 in cadence without leaving plank position

The thang:

Mix of sprints/side steps/broad jumps/karaokes/bear crawls in parking spots for 10 mins

Lt. Dan’s x 10

Toe touches x 20 (10 each leg, 1 leg at a time)

Burpees x 10

x 3 rounds

Mix of sprints/side steps/broad jumps/karaokes/bear crawls in parking spots for 3 mins



PAX: Crockett, Burt Macklin FBI, Ant Hill, Tails, Goldstar, Swobbles

Ruckin with skunks (no really)!

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PAX: Wilson & Nader
AO: Higgins
1 mile ruck, 1 skunk encounter in the drain pipe, almost got us, he sprayed but we were 8 ft away (talk about backblast).

Pipe arm stretches, leg stretches, bear crawling across lot, squats, yoga leg stretches. Shoulder press on the back of Wilson’s truck.

Join us if you can keep up !

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Higgins post




Carmen Sandiego, Goldstar, Crocket, Nader

The 10/100/1000

25 each:

  1. Merkins
  2. Imperial walkers
  3. Cotton pickers
  4. Side straddle hops
  5. Cock roaches
  6. Mountain climbers
  7. Tree hugger squats
  8. Sit ups
  9. Alabama ass kickers
  10. Bat wings

2 stations 37 each – run the lot – (25 already completed at warm up) reps of each exercise.

We got thru about 600 reps each, total.

September 21, 2019 – DeHavilland

Zebra 45th Birthday Q

DATE: Sep 21, 2019

AO: DeHavilland (Delco Park – Kettering, OH)

Q: Zebra

PAX: Crockett, Phone Home, Elroy, Calvin, Nader, Kool-Aid, Wilson, Swobbles, Whisper

I was excited to see a couple Kotters this morning: Elroy and Whisper! Welcome back HIMs! We moseyed to the fishing dock for a little COP:

It was Zebra’s 45th Birthday Q so the theme was 45…

Side Staddle Hops IC x 45

Windmills IC x 15

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

Zebra Butt-Kicks OYO x 15/leg

Then we began…

The Thang:

PAX counted off for future delegation purposes, then we back a mosey around the track for some POAS action. First stop we did 15 Burpees, 15 Crab Toe Touches compliments of Swobbles and 15 SSHs compliments of Kool-Aid. Moseyed to next stop where we did 15 Burpees, 15 Clapping Merkins brought to you by Wilson and 15 Big Boi Situps compliments of Calvin. Moseyed to the next stop and did 15 Burpees (for a total of 45), 15 Rednecks per Crockett and 15 Shrugs thanks to Phone Home. Then me moseyed to the pull-up bars…oh yeah!!! There we performed 15 pull-ups, 15 Imperial Walkers compliments of Nader and 15 Hanging Toe Touches brought to you by Elroy. Last but not least, we moseyed to the memorial where we performed 15/leg One-Legged Squats, 15 Incline Merkins, 15 Decline Merkins and 15 Squat Jumps compliments of Whisper. And Calvin did some bonus across two benches Merkin action which amused the PAX.

Then we moseyed back to the shovel flag and finished up with COT, counterama, videorama and picturama. Oh, and Wilson lead a happy birthday to Zebra song.

Stretched out Roasted Pig

September 19, 2019

AO: Falcon hill

Q: Goldstar

PAX: Tails, Charmin, Swobbles, Burt Macklin FBI, Zebra, Anthill, Cobra



CottonPickers X 20 IC

Windmills X 20 IC

Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

Baby Arm Circles Forward X 10 IC

Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 10 IC

Run a lap

Long Bruce Lee’s – hold a plank to pick up six after run

20 Flutter Kicks per leg

10 Merkins


Run a lap

20 Leg Raises

10 Merkins


Run a lap

20 American Hammers per side

10 Merkins


Run a lap

20 Dying Cockroaches per side

10 Merkins


Run a lap

20 Freddy Mercuries per side

10 Merkins


Run a lap

20 LBC’s

10 Merkins


Short on time, skip this run

20 Heal touches

10 Merkins


Run a lap





Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Date: 09-16-2019
Time: 0530
AO: Higgins
Pax: Nader, Goldstar, Tails (LIFO), Fire Drill (LIFO, blame Tails since he drove….) – but it’s the first Monday Carmen Sandiego has been… absent (understandably Down Range).
Q: The insufferable Wilson….

Warm up

  • SSH IC x 20
  • Imperial Walker IC x 20
  • Cotton Pickers IC x 20

The Thang:

Kind of smallish group with just Nader, Goldstar and YHC, but we Leave No Man Behind – unless it’s time to start.

Mosey to the dip bars where we rotate through 2 sets of regular dips, L sits, and single bar dips.

More Mosey…. to the High bar

Tails and Fire Drill came in hot sprinting across the baseball and soccer fields, just in time to join us for:

5 sets (or close to it) of:

5 Pull ups
10 Merkins
5 Knees to elbows
10 Dying Cockroaches
10 Air Squats

Mosey back to the parking lot where we quickly concluded with:

3 Clapping Merkins
5 Ballistic Jump Squats


Join us next week in the Gloom for another fun filled adventure of putting our bodies through excruciating exercises, all for the purpose of getting better.

Dehavilland 9-14-19

DATE- 9-14-19

A.O.- Dehavilland

Q- Tails

PAX- Goldstar, San Diego, Nader, Wilson, Swobbles, Mama mia, Phone Home, Calvin, Bone Daddy, Crocket, Koolaid, Bear, Faucet, FNG.


Conditions – Dark, Cool, no wind, clear sky! Could not ask for better weather!


  • Stretching
  • Jog to corner, holding planks for 6. At corner preform the following:
  • 20 SSH 20 Mountain Climbers all in Cadence. Repeat and decrease by 5 reps each set to 10.
  • Jog to hill. Preform “Ouch my legs”:
  • Partners take turns preforming reps and running the hill. Forwards down, backwards up. 100 clave raises, 200 squats, 300 flutter kicks.
  • Plank sprint to Gazebo. (Ran back to pick up Mama Mia, jogged to flag.
  • 30 burpees in honor of Koolaid being 30 min late.





Falcon Hill – 9.12.19

AO: Falcon Hill

Date: 9.12.19

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles


Stretch on your own

2 laps around track

The thang:

Merkins x number of reps per round

Lt. Dan’s x number of reps per round

Flutter kicks x number of reps per round

Burpees x number of reps per round

Reps by round – 5, 10, 15, 15, 10, 5

Sprint to flower bed across parking lot and back



PAX: Zebra, Cobra, Burt Macklin FBI, Swobbles