Burt’s Birthday Beatdown!

DATE: 12/29/2018

AO: Dehavilland

Q: Burt Macklin FBI

PAX: Wilson, Who Dey, Sox, Bone Daddy, Heater, Popcorn, Faucet, Stamp, Brody, Wrong Way

Workout: Bday Beatdown


1/2 mile warm up run

One person carries Heaterbag 200 yards while the rest of the pax conduct reps of the following : 

10 p/u: sprint 45 yds: 10 p/u: sprint 45 yds: 10 p/u: 45 yd suicide sprint. RotTe between p/u and s/u. Continue until all pax carry heater bag.
32 burpees for 32 years. Every time Thunder is said in AC/DC Thinderstruck a burpee is done ( – 2 burpees).

COT: appreciate the lord for giving us the gift of physical fitness at all ages.




Man, I needed this…..

Date: 12-27-2018
Time: 0530
AO: Higgins
Q: Wilson

Over the Christmas weekend I drove to Jacksonville, FL, to spend time with #3 Shorty – Petty Officer 2, J.R. Ketterman. I was hopeful to plug into an F3 workout on the way down in North Carolina, and in Jacksonville before returning. Schedule wise, it just wasn’t going to happen. With over 24 hours in the driver’s seat going and coming, that’s a lot of sittin’ for someone who leads a pretty active lifestyle.

Warm up
SSH, 2 count X 100

Imperial Walkers, 4 count X 30

Cotton Pickers, 4 count X 20

Hit the road for a Rapid Ruck
Parallel Bars Leg Raises X 10

Pull ups X 6

1 mile total in 20 minutes with the 2 exercise breaks.

I needed this!

4# Club bell
Round the World Right X 10

Round the World Left X 10

Rinse, repeat X 3

Club mill right X 10

Club mill left X 10

Reverse mill right X 10

Reverse mill left X 10

Do you realize just how stiff your shoulders can get when you drive all day??

3 Minute Deep Squat
Because the hips really need stretched from sitting so long.

Scheduling note: No ruck next Tuesday here at Higgins. Start the new year right by joining us at Falcon Hill (Kettering Rec Center). Make new friends. Receive a new name.

And become a High Impact Man by immediately starting your fitness program for the year.



December 27, 2018 – Falcon Hill

AO Falcon Hill
Q: Burt Macklin FBI
PAX: Cobra, Goldstar,Sox,Stamp,Zebra
Workout: Father Time
1/4 mile warm up run
‘18 reps of following: 
4 ct Burpees; 4 ct Merkins; 4 ct Sit-ups; 4 ct mtn climbers; 4 ct side straddle hops
Long way run to Summit Falcon Hill
‘18 reps of following:
2 ct air squats; 4 ct flutter kicks; 4 ct leg spreader; 2 ct leg presses; 4 ct side straddle hop
Back to starting point same way we came
Name o Rama 

Falcon Hill 12-25-18

DATE – 12-25-18

A.O. – Falcon Hill

Q – Tails

PAX – Burt Macklin FBI, Zebra, Floater, Stamp, Heater, Bonedaddy Cobra, FNG X2


Conditions were COLD and humid. 27 degrees by my watch. Ground was frost covered and even muddy in some spots. Great to see STAMP return after being off with new baby! And HEATER after he was off training for work! Also got a nice visit from BONEDADDY, who doesn’t hit weekends! Burt Mack brought his brother in law (who lives in Cleveland) and one of my best friends came as he is in town for the holiday!

Warm up

  • Shoulder rotations – 10
  • Posterior swings – 10
  • SSH – 30
  • Cotton pickers – 15
  • Windmills – 15
  • Lap the track

Brick beatdown

  • Each PAX shoulders brick and CAS to FTH. Intervals right shoulder, over head, left shoulder.
  • Harambe to top of FTH.
  • Preform 20 each – Shoulder presses, Curls, Tricep Curls, Block Swings. Drop block and sprint to bottom of FTH and back up in between each exercise. Trot block to bottom of FTH.
  • Shoulder blocks stopping periodically to preform 5 man makers. Run through all exercises (double time) one last time. Stash blocks in hiding place.
  • Mosey to remaining blocks.
  • Teams of two. Thing one holds plank whole thing one preforms 10 second sprint with block. Calls out “TEN”, drops block and planks up. Thing one then jumps up, sprints to block, picks up and preforms the same. Switching back and forth until we reach the hiding place.

COT – Christmas! Thankfulness! Heaters plight! Rucking! New shoes! A lot of topics today! Needing each other and not knowing it until you don’t have it. Thankful for my brothers!

COUNTARAMA – 10. Forgot this again

NAMEORAMA – Named two FNGs. RNC (rear naked choke) named for his involvement in Brazilian Jujitsu and his general homoerotic behavior. And Mclovin. Named for his recounting of being arrested for trying to purchase alcohol while underage.


Dehavilland 12-22-18

DATE – 12-22-18

A.O. – Dehavilland

Q – Tails

PAX – Burt Macklin FBI, Faucet, Sox, Zebra, Wrongway


Nice cool morning. High wind that we hated at first, but later were thankful for! Funny how that works!

Wrongway was meant to Q today, but unfortunately got a flat tire! I picked up the Q and just decided to stick to my wheelhouse.

Brick beatdown

  • Mosey to Brick stash where the PAX each grabbed one brick. We Rucked these to the Gazebo, rotating shoulders and overhead carry.
  • At Gazebo we preformed some quick dynamic stretches including: Posterior swings, shoulder rotations, and ASAK
  • After stretches we preformed rotations of Mountain climbers X 20 in cadence and SSH X 30 in cadence. These were done with 30 second over head block holds in between each set.
  • We left our blocks and ran back to grab a second block each. Encountering Wrongway on the way back, Zebra and I gave him our blocks and went back for more while the PAX followed Wrongway to hold a plank at the Gazebo.
  • Upon reuniting, the PAX shoulder carried one block a good distance, planted said block and would sprint back to retrieve their remaining block. Shouldering this second block, we would run to our planted block, and repeat.
  • Half way to the hill we added a double block carry into the above routine.
  • Reaching the hill we grouped up and started Dora 1,2,3. One PAX ran the hill and back while the other preformed 100 Block Shoulder presses followed by 100 Block Squats.
  • We returned the blocks to their hiding place and did a CAS back to the flag.

COT – Christmas well wishes and encouragement to post!


NAMEORAMA – Consideration to re-name WRONGWAY to WRONGTIME


Merry Christmas to all

AO – Higgins
Date – 12-20-2018
Time – 0530
Q – Wilson
Conditions – Sprinkles

I walked a lot today. To be exact, it was the parking lot (See the attached GPS tracking map…). Included included laps of:

  • Walk backwards
  • Carioca right
  • Carioca left
  • Straight walk

Each lap was almost .1 of a mile, totaled more than a mile.

Finished with

  • Bear Crawl
  • Monkey Walk Left
  • Monkey Walk Right

Scheduling Note – For a fine start to Christmas next Tuesday join the fine HIM meeting at 0530 at Falcon Hill. Get a jump on that New Year’s resolution you’re about to make about getting in shape. Details at F3Dayton.com. I’ll be returning from a workout at Jacksonville, FL.



Happy Birthday Floater!


Q: Floater

PAX: goldstar, Burt Macklin fbi, Cobra, Captain Planet, Pavarotti

Donut of Pain
PAX Circles Up

One PAX does 15 Squats while remaining PAX hold Al Gores
Continue until all PAX have done 15 Squats
10 count

One PAX does 15 Merkins while remaining PAX hold plank
Continue until all PAX have done 15 Merkins
10 count

4 Ct Flutter Kicks
One PAX does 15 4 ct Flutter kicks while remaining PAX hold leg lift and count cadence for PAX
10 count

OH Press (50lb)
One PAX does 15 OH press with sandbag remaining PAX does OH claps
10 count

Russian Twist/Am Hammer
One Pax does 15 Russian twist (per side) while remaining PAX hold elbow plank
10 count

One PAX does 15 Burpees while remaining PAX does SSH
10 count


Wilson Was Here….

AO – Higgins
Date – 12-18-2018
Time – 0530
Q – Wilson

The Ruck: 1 mile, 0#, 5 pull ups

“What!! No weighted pack? That’s not rucking!” said the man from the fart sack….

The Thang:

4# club bell

  • wrist rolls
  • round the world
  • club mills
  • reversed mill

12# club bell

  • round the world
  • club mills

Tabata rope jump, 4 minutes

Scheduling note: No ruck on Christmas Day. I will be down range visiting #3 Shorty, Petty Officer JR Ketterman, and paying tribute to F3 Jacksonville.



Return of the Floater

FalconHill Q 12/18/18

Q: Floater

PAX: Tails, Cobra, Burt Macklin FBI, Goldstar

Warm Up


15 4ct Flutter Kicks

Bear Crawl 50 yd

15 Merkins

Walking Lunge 50 yd

15 Squats

Jog to next straight away

OH claps for 6

Between each lap 90 sec plank

Repeat until 615

Chumbawumba and Yurpees @ Higgins 12/17/3018

December 17, 2018

Q: Goldstar

PAX: Wilson, Cobra, Zebra

Warm up:

To the song, Tubthumper by Chumbawampa, start with SSH at beginning of song, then every time they say, “I get knocked down, but i get up again” you do a burpee. While not doing burpees, you are continuously doing SSH. In the end, we did about 27 burpees.

Tha Thang:

Run .25 miles

• 10 Merkins

• 10 Squats

• 10 SSH

• 5 Yurpees

Repeat until back to lot


Running: 1.32 miles

50 merkins

50 squats

50 SSH

25 Yurpees

Bruce Lee’s x2

x20 Flutter Kicks (per leg)

x20 Leg Raises

x20 American Hammers (each side)

x20 Dying Cockroach

x20 Freddy Mercury

x20 LBC’s

Sprints across lot and back then back to flag

x20 Merkins