June 30, 2018

6-30-18 – Saturday Q

PAX: Mercury, Shrute, Sox, Captain Planet, Cub Scout, BoneDaddy, Who Dey, Wilson, Swobbles, Brody, Faucet, The Dude, Heater, Popcorn, Tails, FNG x 4

Opening admin stuff: 20
Slowsy to field – Stamp Yoga: Stoga
Downward dog, cobra, broken table x2, cat arch, cat lift, hangs, gimmes x2
Broken plane x2

Bruce Lee-ray races:
Partner sandbag carries while the rest of the HIMs hold planks; upon completion a round of Bruce Lee’s.

Christmas in June:
Dredd Sled pulls while the PAX do Merkins

1 Hour – end.

Shared some of my back story (little bit at a time and a little more per Q) and talked about the importance of the legacy we leave behind; for our sons, daughters, families, friends and communities. We’re not our past. Our past doesn’t make us who we are. We decide who we are now and how we impact the world around us every day. Had the absolute pleasure of leading 20 men aged 65 to 11 through the gloom into, hopefully, positive exhaustion.

Since joining F3 I wake up every morning and say to myself: “Don’t excuse yourself from life today” (Bonus points for naming the band and song). I challenge you to do that in one form or another. Ask yourself, “How am I going to positively impact the world around me?”

End COT/ Admin/ PR stuff

Thanks for letting me Q.


June 28, 2018

6-28-18 – Falcon Hill

Q – Tails

Co-Q – Goldstar

13 PAX – Tails, Goldstar, Stamp, Wilson, Rolly Fingers, Hester, Brody, Floter, Swobbles, Povarati, Zebra, Captain Planet, FNG.


– 10 min stretches

– Mosey to FTH

– Hill sprints X 3

– Mosey to Flag

– Dredd Sled pulls in rotation (rest of PAX preform verity of exercises) SSH, Merkins, Fluter kicks, Leg lifts, Planks, Squats, high knees, M-Hammers, LBC, Burpees, Monky humpers.

– Cool down stretches

– COT (Focus on self examination)

– Countarama

– Namerama

– Photo-op

– Some brief discussion on adding a week day workout and new AO.

– Lots of online interest from fellow F3 PAX on Dredd Sled. Will share plans to build online.

June 26, 2018

Q: Stamp

PAX: Zebra, Tails, Goldstar, Pavarotti, Orville, Heater, Captain America, Floater, Rollie Fingers, FNG (Pico), FNG (Swobbles).

Started on time.

Various stretches KISS. mumble chatter.


Mosey to FTH
Hill sprints and LBC’s
Up down up 20 lbc’s down a round of
Bruce Lee’s
Repeat times 3

Slowsy to the track
6 teams of 2
Battlerope and Merkins
kB swings. And air squats
Jump ropes
SISU hammer and plank
Bench dips
Partner sandbag carry
Repeat for one whole rotation to back where we started.

End with yoga
Downward dog to cobras
Broken tables
And what I call open ups

Shared who I am and where I’ve been. Things I’ve seen and experienced. 12 men got better together today. 12 men didn’t excuse themselves from life today. 12 men had some good livin’. 12 men got a little closer today.

Named some FNGs. Name o Rama. Various admin/pr duties.


#f3ohio #f3dayton #f3 #f3nation

June 25, 2018

AO: Higgins aka Tom Cloud Park
Q: Goldstar
Pax: FNG (x3), Wilson, Brody, Zebra, Heater, Tails

Murph Lee: Part Murph, Part Bruce Lee
100% all man!


Lunges – point A to point B
High knees (in cadence)
Sidestraddle hop (in cadence)
Twists (in cadence)

Mosey to pull up bars

Group one: Bruce Lee’s
x20 Flutter Kicks (per leg)
x20 Leg Raises
x20 American Hammers (each side)
x20 Dying Cockroach
x20 Freddy Mercury
x20 LBC’s

Al Gores if finish early

Group two: Mini Murph
x10 (or AYG) Pull Ups
x30 Merkins
x40 Air Squats

Al Gores if finish early

Mosey Back to lot

Splash of Merlot!
Name o Rama & Photo shoot
Bonus penalty for Tails being late:
Burpees x10


June 23, 2018

June 23, 2018 – De HavilLand (Delco Park)

Q: Heater

PAX: Wilson (Respect), Tails, Stamp, Popcorn, Zebra, Pepper, The Dude, Captain Planet, Sox, Mercury, Schrute, Floater, Orville, BoneDaddy, FNG x 2

17 PAX gathered in the gloom to get better!Heater did not disappoint as he took us on an adventure to explore De HavilLand with Dora and backpack!

Back Blast:

-Someone needs to wear weight pack at all times
-Pick up the 6

Warm up

Mosey to dock
Side straddle hops ic x20
Merkins ic x10
LBCx ic x25
Cotton pickers ic x14
Moroccan night clubs x19

The Thang

Mosey to corner of walking path

Team run/race-(group devided into 2 teams. Each team runs opposite way around the pond, first while team to finish wins— Let’s just say Heater’s team go smoked) (the plan was to do this 2-3 times… until I remembered how big the pond was )

Mosey back towards flag

Dora Dora Dora the Explorer
100 merkins
200 curls
300 lbc

Partner carry – sideline to goal post- switch when you get to the post. Complete 2 times

Tug o war (4 teams due to the huge group)

Wind sprints to the goal goal post and back x3

Stretch it out real nice


Name- o-rama (Named Captian Planet for his Second post; due to him wanting to pick up a piece of trash so bad that he jumped from a moving car)

#F3Nation #F3Ohio #F3Dayton #GetBetter #BuildingBetterMen #IronSharpensIron #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork #DaytonInspires #DaytonPerspires #YouVsYou #Fitness #Fellowship #Faith


June 21, 2018

June 21, 2018 – Indian Riffle Park

Q- Pavarotti

11 Pax: Popcorn, Tails, Stamp,Floater, Goldstar, Brody, Zebra, Rollie Fingers, Heater, FNG (Greg), and FNG (Joshua)

We had a new Q in the driver’s seat this morning! Pavarotti led the pax at 5:30AM at Kettering Middle School. (Official name to be decided)

Stretches (5 minutes)
Mosey to FTH

Split into 6 teams of 2. 6 stations total. Stations 2-6 will complete their exercise until Station 1 is finished then rotate. Station 1: FTL sprints, start at bottom of hill, sprint to the top, jog down, sprint to the top. Rotate!
Station 2: FTL sit ups or LBC’s. Once finished at Station 1 remain at the top of the hill and do sit ups or LBC’s on edge of the hill. Rotate!
Station 3: Murkens. Rotate!
Station 4: Planks. Rotate!
Station 5: Jumping Jacks. Rotate!
Station 6: Air Squats. Rotate!
*Complete each station 3 times.
2 minute break 😅
Team FTH Sprint
Team FTH Bearcrawl
1 minute break 😅

Mosey to Field

Split into 2 teams of 6. Cones are on the field.
Team 1
-Block Walk (hold concrete cinder block overhead with arms straight up) to first cone, army crawl to second cone, bear crawl to third cone. REVERSE Bear crawl back to first cone, army crawl to the second cone, block walk to third cone.
Team 2
-Sprint to first cone, high knees to second cone, butt kickers to third cone. REVERSE Sprint to first cone, high knees to second cone, butt kickers to third cone.
*Complete this two times while Team 1 is completing their exercise.

Rotate! Each team completed each station 3 times.

Stretches (5minutes)



Photo by the flag!

June 19, 2018

11 PAX on a Tuesday!
06/19/2018 –
Q: Goldstar
PAX: Popcorn, Tails, Heater, Pavarotti, The Dude, Zebra, Brody, Stamp, Rollie Fingers, Floater
Play Kettering – Indian Riffle – FTH


Stretches (5 minutes)
Warm up
Mosey to FTH
Sidestraddle hop (in cadence)
Airsquat (in cadence)
Cotton pickers (in cadence)
Merkins (in cadence)

Tabata abs (6 minutes)
Grasshoppers – Suicide planks
Plank jacks – rock n roll planks
Mountain climbers – regular planks

4x up and down FTH
Al Gore until all PAX finished (tree hug squat)

Bruce Lee’s
x20 Flutter Kicks (per leg)
x20 Leg Raises
x20 American Hammers (each side)
x20 Dying Cockroach
x20 Freddy Mercury
x20 LBC’s
Al Gore until all PAX finished (tree hug squat)
Repeat run & Bruce Lee’s x3

Mosey back to flag
Stretches 5 mins

#F3Nation #F3Ohio #F3Dayton #GetBetter #BuildingBetterMen #DaytonInspires #DaytonPerspires #YouVsYou #Fitness #Fellowship #Faith


June 18, 2018

June 18, 2018 – Higgins

Q: Wilson

PAX: Goldstar, Tails

My expectations were pretty low this morning. We had recently started asking who was planning on attending the next morning workout. Alas, no one committed to coming Monday. I’m probably going to fly solo.

But, wait! What’s this? Another vehicle in the parking lot as I’m pulling in? It’s Gold Star, fresh from vacation. As we were catching up, with but two minutes to spare, another set of headlight turn into the park. Who else, but the ever present Tails (who missed the last two workouts, so almost ‘ever’ present).

Gold Star had not been with us my last Q on Saturday a week ago, so I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce him to Murph. Cloud Park (a.k.a., Higgins) in Huber Height has a pull up bar on the far end of the park which is about a third of a mile away. We moseyed about half way and made a brief warm-up of an even dozen SSH in cadence. Moseyed to the bar for the Thang: Murph, Interrupted.

A true Murph, named after Navy Seal Michael Murphy, is a one mile run, followed by 100 pull ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, and finishing with another one mile run. We aren’t Navy Seals, so we counted the run to the bar as the first run. The exercises are then broken in to 10 sets of 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, and 30 squats, with modifications as needed (and I needed modifications). But we were on a tight schedule. Nobody goes to work without a shower and a shave (except Gold Star, I mean the shaving part. I’m sure he showers occasionally).

We did not make it through all ten sets, but Gold Star got the Gold Star having completed nine sets.

The workout is intense. So we sloy-sed back to the parking lot, concluding with our name-o-rama, Ball of Man (it’s a small ball with only three guy), and COT (Circle of Trust).

Expectations exceeded. Great start to the week.


June 16, 2018 – Pirate Games

Bonus Workout: West Carrollton Football 1st Annual Pirate Games

Stamp and BoneDaddy had scheduled themselves a good ol’ fashioned weight lifting throwdown to take place after this mornings F3 workout. (Probably wasn’t the wisest idea but #CSAUP ideas are the best ideas 😉 )

The Thang:


20 push ups
run 20 yards
20 thrusters @ 65#
run 20 yards
20 squat cleans @ 95#
run 20 yards
20 back squats @ 95#
run 20 yards
20 deadlifts @ 135#
run 20 yards
20 Burpees
(don’t die, don’t splash merlot)

Stamp being the beast that he is posted a blazing fast time of 9:35.6 and took 1st in the division. 🏆🏅
BoneDaddy posted a respectable time of 13:12.9 and placed 4th in the division

Join us next year at the West Carrollton Football Pirate Games!

June 16, 2018

June 16, 2018 Delco Park

Akuna Tabata – Means no worries….for the rest of your days…


PAX: Wilson (Respect), Stamp, Heater, The Dude, Faucet, Sox, Pavarotti, Brody, Pepper (Kotter), BoneDaddy, FNG 


45 seconds each, the / is the second time around

High Knees in parking lot / SSH


Imperial Walkers / Slaloms mountain climbers


Bird Dogs (10 each side) / Bird Dogs (20 each side)


Merkins / Diamonds

13 minutes


2 Teams

Akuna Tabata – Means no worries….for the rest of your days…

20 on, 10 off – 8 rounds

Team 1

• Air Squats (weight optional)

• Spiderman’s

• Toe-Touch Crunch

Team 2

• Burpees

• Dips

• Side Slide

1 minute break in between different workouts