May 31, 2018


Indian Riffle Park

Q- Heater

Pax- Popcorn, Tails, Stamp, Zebra, Goldstar, Pavarotti(FNG)

*Warm up-


-side straddle hops icx20

-Moroccan NC icx20

-imperial walkers icx15

-LBC on your own, icx25

-cotton pickers icx17

*Mosey to playground area-ish

*Pax does ‘mercans, squats, plank, diamond ‘mercans, leg lifts, plank; rotating; while other pax sprints to the playground for 10 chin ups /pull ups and back. (We moseyed closer to playground halfway through and the resumed)

*Indian run with a burpee before you run

*Balls to the wall (sit) with a brick while half of the team sprints to F3 Shovel Flag and back(then alternate) x4


1/4 mile sprint 20 seconds jog 10 (repeat until done)

4 min of stretching